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Yard Cards Yorkshire

flamingoes for hire
The flock arrives

It was in the middle of the pandemic that Debbie Cheetham and her husband Andy were discussing which brands were working and which were not. Andy runs a franchise consultancy business which had recently opened an office in North America. It was whilst researching the market over there for franchisors that he noticed the rise of niche home based businesses. As the UK endured the lockdown process Andy felt that this style of business would work well in the UK. Particularly since children weren't able to have parties with their friends. Schools too were shut. This meant that businesses like this could potentially thrive in the pandemic rather than struggle, and that proved to be the case. Yard Cards Yorkshire kicked off in Knaresborough & Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Yorkshire & beyond

Already in several countries around the world the concept of a giant external greeting has very proved popular. Yard Cards along with a similar 24 hour experience with a flock of flamingoes really adds something to the occasion! The flamingoes trend were originally designed to be left with a ransom note to raise money for charity. We'll leave that down to you, but we just think they re a hilarious thing to wake up to for someones special day! Or even as part of our letters and numbers displays!

Yard Cards Franchise

There was a lot of interest and it wasn't long before some of Debbies friends wanted to get involved. At the time of writing three friends, and even friends of friends are wanting to manage their own nearby areas and Andy is creating a franchise system so that they can be a part of the company. The first steps being to road test the franchise before a nationwide launch. So at the moment Yard Cards in Yorkshire are proving to be very popular. We anticipate that Yard Cards will soon be in a county near you when a franchisee joins and our test franchises have finished.